Monday, 17 January 2011

zondle at #bett2011 - the results

Zondle attended BETT 2011 for the first time and launched on Friday 14th January. We had an absolute blast, meeting some of 'the great and the good' but also a wide variety of teachers and technology leaders from around the UK and the world.

Thanks to everyone who helped and enthused about the product and gave us ideas for future developments.

How zondle did #bett2011
1) We took a suitcase, two iPads, a laptop, 100 t-shirts and 1000 postcards,
2) We met journalists and potential partners on the Thursday and on Friday morning.
3) From midday on the Friday we set up in a seating area upstairs, laid out our wares and tweeted our location. The result; 10-15 great conversations with teachers and technology leaders and 20 t-shirts given away.
4) We moved on to another location, did the same thing, and ended up giving most of our postcards away and having just enough t-shirts to donate to #tmbett2011 at the close of play.

Why did we do #bett2011 like this?
1) We have no money and definitely can't afford the prices for a stand.
2) We wanted to have a bit of fun and subvert the system (of course there has to be a system to subvert, so thanks EMAP and BESA).
3) Our view after visiting on Wednesday and Thursday was that much of the show was static (with the exception of #tmtakeover) and a bit predictable, we wanted to be that difference.

Things we learned

  • People want to talk about Games-based Learning, a lot!
  • Internationally Britain is highly-regarded as far as technology is concerned.
  • Teachers respond well to doing things a bit less formally and with a sense of fun.
  • Teachers LOVE t-shirts!

Zondle will be back at BETT in 2012, not sure what we will do yet but we will try to maintain the excitement of our experience in 2011.