Monday, 28 March 2011

zondle update - March 2011

A zondle update
We just wanted to take this opportunity to update our many friends about zondle’s progress. We also wanted to say thank you to the huge number of people who have supported us so far: users and students, advisers and teachers, cheerleaders and paid employees. THANK YOU!

Zondle statistics

We have seen some amazing growth in 2011:
  • Registered users are up by 155% (still in the thousands, though, not yet millions).
  • Number of games played has more than doubled.
  • Our ranking on Alexa has jumped from from 160,210 to 97,188 in the UK.
  • We’ve had visitors from 50 countries. UK 56%, US 28%, Oz, 6% are the top three.

And in March:
  • We’ve had more than 3 times the number of visitors as we did in January.
  • We’ve gained more NEW users than we had TOTAL users in September.

But don’t just take our word for it!
All twitter comments about zondle are shown on the zondle home page but here are three blogposts we are really proud of are:
Larry Falazzo
Pete Richardson @primarypete

New Features on zondle (see

ZONDLE JUNIOR (developed in response to a feature request).
Young children now have their very own zondle: ‘zondle junior’. This site only features topics their teachers would like them to play.

A cleaner look, that tells you more about the site and speeds your way to playing games.

More than 12 new games added since January, including: ‘Bat the Teacher’, ‘Quicksand Bunnies’ and ‘Crystal Canon’.

Zondle partnerships

tutor2U have created a range of business topics within zondle that also appear in their very popular blogs. Zondle were kindly invited to speak at a business studies training day for teachers in March. On zondle, all tutor2U topics appear with the tutor2U logo.

Zondle games now appear in the Geography section of this popular site - the aim now is to add games to ALL areas of the site by the end of April.  Zondle topics are tied explicitly to the content within the Revision World site.

We have agreement in principle to host zondle on GGLF from May 2011. This is a subscription site.

… and more to follow (including a state-of-the-art language learning website!).

Marketing zondle
Email campaigns are being managed by Julia Dance and we have had some great success with the new lists from Revision World and Schoolzone.

Facebook adverts are developing nicely with almost 100 new users directly from Facebook since we started advertising in February.

Google Ads are working well too and our SEO is improving greatly though this and our first tentative steps at blogging.

Things that we haven’t (yet) achieved:
  • Stephen Fry hasn’t yet tweeted about us.
  • Zondle isn’t yet an official ‘word’ in the OED.
That’s it for the zondle update this month. Thanks so much to everyone who follows us and supports zondle. We look forward to  more announcements in April!