Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Great overview of zondle phonics and the zondle builder

We just wanted to say a big thank you to Simon Mills (twowhizzy) for his blog post about zondle builder and phonics in zondle. If you don't know about phonics on zondle then you might wanna check it out. It's about to get really cool over the next 2-3 months with some of the things we have in the development pipeline. Not sure we're going to be getting a great deal of sleep!

Here are a few video tutorials that show some of the features for phonics and spelling on zondle.

Zondle builder - used to filter words and quickly create phonics and spelling topics

Phonics 1 - click the phonemes question type
Phonics 2 - select the phoneme

These just show 2 of 9 different types of phonics and spelling question that you can use to customise your phonics and spelling topics to your learners' needs.