Friday, 5 August 2011

"Listen to the word and spell it" zondle question type - pedagogy improved!

We had a great suggestion from tacmyers to improve the pedagogy of the “Listen to the word and spell it”. She said:

“On the spelling games- I would love to have a feature that would combine the best practices for both visual and auditory learners. For example- you have spelling questions where you can listen to the word, or spelling questions where you can type the word when it disappears. I would love to see a version where you can hear the word, then watch it disappear, then type it. I would also LOVE to see (or hear) the word spelled out either as it is being typed- or when it goes together and repeated one final time

EX she (word is said) then it disappears

I type s-h-e the computer says s--h-e /she

This would hit so many more modalities-- not to mention making high frequency words easier to learn for kindergartners. Can it be done?”

We have now adjusted the question type to accommodate this new functionality. Any feedback is, of course, welcome.

See a working example of this improvement.

Thank you tacmyers!!!