Thursday, 4 August 2011

New games list display released

Hello zondlers! As you may be aware we had a zondle development day recently with key members of the zondle community (@cerirwilliams, @largerama, @primarypete_, @mscoxenglish and @mscoxenglish’s daughter who is just about to join Apple as a management trainee).

We have very much taken on board the feedback from that day and one of the things mentioned was a more efficient games list so that learners could more easily find games, add them to favourites and basically have fun more quickly.

Today we released the new game list system. It works much more quickly using JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX to return a basic list of game images in a fraction of the original time. Details for the games are then loaded separately when the user rolls over the game image. In short, much more, much more quickly.

The game list is separated into more useful sections:

My favourite games
Recommended games
My games
All games

…all of which are displayed on the one screen. No more paging through the games which is another significant speed enhancement.

You can easily add games to their favourites so that you can find them again easily. Favourites appear at the top of the games list now.

Oh, and of course, just click on the game image to play.

We would love to hear how you get on with this new enhancement. Have fun!

Click here to try it out!