Saturday, 1 October 2011

Help your students to learn how to enter accented characters with zondle’s “type the answer” question type.

Thanks to mpierre38 for your suggestion. We have now added the ability for the “type the answer” question type to accept normal keyboard input for accented characters (e.g. “vous êtes”).

This should help learners not only to learn the translations for the words, but how to type them as well.

Of course you can always use the “type the translation” question type if you would rather learners didn’t have to know the key combinations. With this question type accents appear as buttons that the user can click.

We have also enabled the “type the answer” question type to be reversible. So now you only have to enter the questions once to ask the learners to translate, for example, English to French and then French to English.

Any feedback would be very welcome.