Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Zondle grade books – see all your student data in one place!

Today we added a new way of viewing your learner progress on zondle. The grade book shows a list of all the learners in a teaching group, all the topics that they have played and details the learner progress for those topics.

This gives you a much quicker way to see an overview of the progress for a teaching group in multiple zondle topics and quickly see who is falling behind and may need extra support.

Thank you to mscoxenglish for this idea. We really appreciate your feedback and ideas.

The following video gives an introduction to this new feature.

Any feedback is, of course, more than welcome.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Finding your learners’ progress just got easier

Today we added a new feature to zondle to make it even easier to find the progress information for your learners.

Thanks for Frau Mahler for suggesting this idea.

Now you can locate your learner in the school designer and just click the little graph next to their name to see all the topics they have played and their progress.

The following video gives an overview of this new feature.

Zondle builder - for phonics and spelling questions

Yesterday we added audio for 1200 words to the zondle builder. This means that you don't have to record audio yourself and you can now enter phonics and spelling questions into zondle even more quickly.

The following video gives a very short introduction to the zondle builder in case you are not already familiar with how it works.

The zondle builder enables you to quickly and easily enter phonics and spelling questions to be played in any zondle games that your learners choose. Filter our extensive list of words by region, phonics scheme, CV structure, no of syllables, initial, medial and final phoneme positions in any combination you like. This generates a list of words. Select the ones you want and just click "add questions to topic" and bang you have a zondle phonics topic of your choosing which your learners can play. You can then monitor their progress. Magic!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Zondle junior automatic login released!

Yet another great bit of feedback from Primary Pete (@primarypete_) enabled us to release a new feature today for zondle junior. The zondle junior automatic login deals with a common in-class scenario where there are multiple users on multiple computers. Before today you, as a teacher, would have to log into each of those computers every time you wanted to use zondle with the class.

Now you simply tick a checkbox in your profile to indicate that you would like to use the automatic login. Then log in on any computers that you would like to use.

From that point on all just visit the zondle junior site on those computers and they will automatically log you in.

Thank you Primary Pete! What a star.

This short video gives a very quick overview of this zondle feature.

Organising your school is now even easier!

Following suggestions from a number of zondle users (thank you Primay Pete - @primarypete_ and Lindy M) we have just added a new feature to the school designer to make it easier to manage your learners. Just start typing their name into the text box at the top of the “all learners” list and the page will filter the learners accordingly.

This very short video shows how it works.

The following video shows much more detail on the school designer and managing your school and learners.