Monday, 20 February 2012

Zondle are speaking at #LEGup!

#LEGup – Wednesday, 22nd February 2012

Zondle are speaking at this Wednesday’s #LEGup at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in east London. We’re really excited to be sharing the evening with Quest who provide amazing software for creating fiction games for students.

Our presentation is called 'Chocolate-covered broccoli: games-based learning and zondle'. We’re going to covering terminology (simulations, games, and chocolate covered broccoli), games-based solutions in search of problems, and zondle (what it is, what we're trying to achieve, and how we're doing).

We hope to see you there (Wednesday at 6.30pm)!

What is #LEGup?

#LEGup is the London Educational Games Meet Up group organised by the fantastic Kirsten Campbell-Howes.

The group is made up of games-based learning developers (like zondle), designers, coders, teachers, and sometimes investors – in fact anyone interested in the development and use of games (not just digital games) in education.

You don't need to be actively making games to join this group, an interest in getting involved is enough. The aim is to help people get together to share knowledge and ideas.

Meetings are held about once a month and are very informal. They’re FREE to attend and sometimes there is beer!

So far there has been a wide selection of games-based learning speakers, including: 7Puzzle, @nightzookeeper, My Note Games, Stealth Education, Preloaded, Motionary, and BBC Education.

Calling Teachers!

The best sessions have been those where teachers (especially @dawnhallybone) presented or were the most vocal in the discussions after the pitches.

It would be great to have more teachers attend to find out more about the ways that games can enhance your teaching and your students' learning but also for you to give us a real insight into what really does work in your classroom.

#LEGup – Wednesday, 22nd February 2012

If you’d like to see what #LEGup does and to join in the conversation, please sign up and come along on Wednesday.

For more details about the group, please visit the #LEGup web pages.