Thursday, 16 February 2012

#zondleslogan Competition Winner

On the way in to work yesterday I was playing with some zondle slogans on twitter to celebrate the launch of our new site. As it became clear that mine were rubbish, I thought about asking our followers to come up with their own and we had a fantastic response during the day, so THANK YOU!

We decided to give out three t-shirt prizes:
Overall Winner  - Alex Bellars @bellaale for Zondle: because my education's worth it!
Second Place - Adrian Murray @BusinessStudies for A zondle a day helps you work, rest and play! 
Special Prize for number of ideas - Dawn Hallybone @dawnhallybone including A zondle a day (see above) and "all because the kids love @zondle"
Thanks so much for all your tweets, we really appreciated them. Given that we crowd source much of the content within zondle it made a nice change to crowd source the marketing too!