Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Zondle launches ‘Code Breakers: phonics’ to support children’s early reading

Zondle, games to support learning, launches its first premium product.

‘Code Breakers: phonics’, the first zondle product under the ‘Code Breakers’ brand, enables teachers and parents to support their children’s early reading. By helping ‘Colin the Chicken’ save the world and playing fun games, children practise the phonics skills they have learned in school, helping them to become confident readers.

Zondle ‘Code Breakers: phonics' is fully adaptive: it constantly monitors the child's progress and sets tasks based on their earlier successes, which ensures the tasks are never too difficult nor too easy. While the children choose from a large range of games to play, in the background the adaptive technology constantly moves the child forward in their phonics until they are secure in all the core English spelling patterns. This builds on what they’ve learned in school and helps them develop their reading and comprehension skills.

‘Code Breakers’ has been designed specifically to enable schools and parents to support children for the UK’s forthcoming ‘Age 6 screening check’. The first game is free. Children just play, while in the background their phonics skills are being assessed. Parents then can choose whether they would like their child to continue through the full ‘Code Breakers: phonics’. There is a 100% money-back/ satisfaction guarantee.

Code Breakers has been beta-tested extensively with teachers, parents and children and has been universally well-received. Pete Richardson, ICT Coordinator at Walton le Dale Primary School said: “This is just what we have been waiting for. Code Breakers allows parents to help their children and supports the work we are doing in school. We’ve got a School Licence which means I can use Code Breakers for homework. The kids just love it!”

Wayne Holmes, zondle’s Director of Education, said “It was vital that ‘Code Breakers: phonics’ met a real need. Many parents are desperate to support their children’s learning of phonics but, because they didn’t do phonics at school, they’re not certain how to go about it. ‘Code Breakers’ takes the guess-work out of it, and parents can be confident that they are using an approach which supports what their child has been doing in school and which has been shown to be successful. The system continuously monitors the child’s progress, to provide a constant process of reinforcement and optimum challenge, all wrapped up in some really fun, highly-motivating games. ‘Code Breakers: phonics’ is just the start. We aim to have a suite of ‘Code Breakers’ products supporting other areas of the curriculum available by the end of 2012.”