Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Improved zondle connect competition results

Today we have improved the competition results email that you receive when your zondle connect competition has ended.

Results are now sorted first by percentage topic score (how well the learner knows the topic) and then by the game score (how well they did in their game play).

Here is an example for Javelin Challenge:

1) with 100% and a game score of 52.69m
Name: Frankie (  ---  WINNER!
2) with 100% and a game score of 16.81m
Name: Dougi (  ---  SECOND PLACE!
3) with 66% and a game score of 20.39m
Name: Jen (  ---  THIRD PLACE!
3) with 47% and a game score of 17.30m
Name: Harvy (

We look forward to any feedback you may have!