Wednesday, 18 July 2012

zondle Mobile v2 released - any topic, any game, anywhere

UPDATE: zondle mobile is now available for Apple iOS devices.

Imagine: you’re thirteen years old, you’re on your way to school, and when you get there you’re going to have a French vocab test. Of course, you’ve done a bit of revision... but time's running out and you’d rather be playing a game.

That’s where the vision for zondle started. Imagine that same student sitting on their bus playing games AND preparing for their vocab test, all at the same time!

It was this concept that most excited me personally - any school topic, any zondle game, anywhere.
  • You’re standing at the bus stop, play on zondle Mobile.
  • You’re waiting for a friend, play on zondle Mobile.
  • Class is about to start, play on zondle Mobile.
A few minutes here and there. All good fun of course, but learning what you want to learn (or what your teacher has asked you to learn) at the same time!

We are delighted to be able to announce that this is now a reality. Today we release the new zondle Mobile platform on Android, with iOS coming as soon as we’re through the Apple submission process.

We’ve built zondle Mobile from scratch creating a totally new experience (whilst learning from our previous mobile app).

zondle Mobile comes packed with new features:
  • Lightning fast (uses hardware acceleration)
  • More games (with audio and voice)
  • Ability to create teacher, student, and parent accounts
  • Score logging & statistics (results available on main zondle site)
  • My favourites
  • Topics my teacher has set me
  • Support

zondle Mobile also supports a variety of zondle question types:
  • Multiple choice
  • Question and Answer
  • True or False
  • Click the missing word
  • Statements

Click here to watch the zondle Mobile platform videos.

Any feedback is, of course, very welcome.