Friday, 16 November 2012

New question entry interface released!

Today we release a new version of the question entry interface.  You'll recognise many of the layouts for the question types that you use, but we have revamped the way that the code works behind the scenes to make your experience significantly faster and more streamlined.

The new interface makes it easier to find what you need by breaking down the question types into categories.  Expand your area of interest and you'll find the most commonly used question types.

When you select your question type you'll notice that the question entry is now done in the same window.  This gives more space to work.

The currently selected question type is shown in the title bar of the window and you can just click "change" at any time to change your question type.

Next time you click "add question" zondle will remember the question type you previously selected so that you don't have to select it again.

We have also removed the games from appearing automatically as this was putting people off.  Instead now you just click on "show games" when you wish to try your questions in a game. 

Behind the scenes the code is a lot lighter, so you should find the experience much faster.  We look forward to hearing how you get on!