Wednesday, 21 November 2012

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New zondle Packs for GCSE languages,
and new 'add questions from existing topics'!

Dear colleague, 

We hope your term is going well and that the run up to the holiday period is lots of fun! 

This week we are very pleased to be able to tell you about our new zondle Packs for French, Mandarin and Latin GCSE (all the vocabulary your students need to help them prepare for their exams) and about our new ‘add questions from existing topics’ feature!

New! zondle Packs for test and exam preparation. 

You can now purchase GCSE languages zondle Packs for French, Latin and Mandarin. These Packs are closely based on the GCSE specifications and have been verified by experts. They’re perfect for games-based learning vocabulary acquisition.
  • All the vocabulary from the GCSE OCR French, Latin and Mandarin syllabuses (more languages and exam boards coming soon).
  • Students can play and practise small sets of vocabulary in any of zondle's 50+ games so they keep coming back for more!
  • Students can also play the vocabulary in our FREE mobile app (iOS and Android) so they can revise on the go!
  • The topics can also be played in zondle Team Play for whole-class vocabulary learning.
  • Progress reporting enables teachers to identify which students are putting in the time and who needs additional support.
  • With prices starting from £2.49 for an individual licence and £24.99 for an annual school licence, these are some of the best value vocabulary resources available today!
  • Includes free 'starter Packs' so you can see how they work!
You can find out more about these new zondle Packs on the new zondle Marketplace.
zondle Marketplace
Please note that, apart from these optional new expert-generated zondle Packs, the core zondle remains free and always will be!

New! 'add questions from existing topics'.

It’s always been possible to copy and amend topics made by other users. Now you can quickly build your own topics by adding questions from your other topics, your friends’ topics or your students’ topics - all with a simple click! 

In our all-new speedy ‘edit topic’ interface, click the ‘add questions from existing topics’ button. Then you can choose a topic, drill down to the questions, and add any of them to your own topic. Quicker topic building, using the best questions around, and with much less effort!

Add questions from existing topic

Why not ask your students all to create their own questions around your current classroom topic (which could be an excellent learning opportunity as they consolidate their knowledge)? Then you can 'merge' their best questions into a single class zondle topic for your students to play and practise, and to share with users from around the world!

Click here for a video about the new ‘edit topic’ interface and about adding questions from existing topics.


Did you know? Whole-class and whole-school uploads.

Did you know that you can easily give groups of students (whole classes or even schools) access to zondle, without having to enter names one at a time?

All you need to do is download and copy your students into this Excel spreadsheet, then send it to zondle and we do the rest! All we need is a username for each student that you and they recognise (for eSafety reasons, we don't need real names or email addresses). You can even use this second Excel spreadsheet to include multiple teaching groups and the teachers' names.

Alternatively, use the zondle student organiser interface to set up a teaching group, and send the access code to your students. When they then log in using the code, they'll automatically be placed in your class.

Click here for a video about importing your school data into zondle

Thanks as ever for your fantastic support!

Ben, Doug and Wayne