Tuesday, 27 November 2012

zondlescape 027 zondle Team Play event -
live video stream!

Dear colleague, 

zondle Team Play event - live video stream!

As you might have seen in a previous zondlescape, tomorrow (Wednesday, November 28) we will be hosting an event all about zondle Team Play, with Dr Paul Howard-Jones of MBESC (Centre for Mind and Brain in Educational and Social Contexts) at Bristol University.

zondle Team Play

The good and bad news is that the event is now full, but hopefully you will still be able to participate! With the nights drawing in (in the northern hemisphere at least) what could be better than curling up with your computer and watching a live video stream of our event?

So, if you would like to watch the live video stream (fingers crossed!), please visit www.zondle.com/tv at 17.00 hours GMT (that's 5.00 o'clock tomorrow evening, Wednesday November 28, UK local time).

The event will be introduced by Wayne (our Director of Education), who will briefly introduce zondle. And then Dr Paul Howard-Jones, one of the UK's leading 'neuroscience in education' researchers, will tell us about the research (such as 'uncertain rewards') that led to the development of zondle Team Play.

Paul will also be leading a live demonstration of zondle Team Play (they'll be a few places available for our international audience to get directly involved) and will show us how Team Play can best be used in the classroom.

Hope to see you there! Please do email us if you do watch the stream, and we'd also love to read your comments!

Did you know? Whole-class and whole-school uploads.

Did you know that you can easily give groups of students (whole classes or even schools) access to zondle, without having to enter names one at a time?

All you need to do is download and copy your students into this Excel spreadsheet, then send it to zondle and we do the rest! All we need is a username for each student that you and they recognise (for eSafety reasons, we don't need real names or email addresses). You can even include multiple teaching groups and the teachers' names.

Alternatively, use the zondle student organiser interface to set up a teaching group, and send the access code to your students. When they then log in using the code, they'll automatically be placed in your class.

Click here for a video about importing your school data into zondle.

Thanks as ever for your fantastic support!

Ben, Doug and Wayne