Sunday, 30 December 2012

Student badges released!

Today we are pleased to release a new zondle feature in the form of student badges.  Now you can reward your students for good effort by awarding them badges on zondle.

Badges come in a number of flavours:

  • Zondle badges. These are the badges that we have created.  If you want any more added to the collection we are more than happy to create them for you.  Just let us know what you’d like to see in there.

  • My badges. You can create your own badges to match the exact needs of your students.  Just upload a square image and zondle will do the rest for you.

  • My friends’ badges.  Instantly get access to badges your friends have created on zondle and use them to reward your students as well.

  • Other Teachers’ badges.  You can use any badges created by other teachers on zondle if you wish.  So as time goes on you should have access to a lot of possible badges!

The following video shows how you can award badges to your students.  One thing we missed in this video is that you can also award badges to students directly from the new gradebook.

We hope this is useful and, of course, look forward to any feedback you may have.

Friday, 28 December 2012

All new student homepage released!

Today we are pleased to release another significant upgrade to the student experience on zondle in the form on a completely re-designed student homepage.

Students now have access to all the commonly required features directly from this one page. 

The page is MUCH faster than the previous version too.

We will soon be releasing badges and things to do with your zollars.  So watch this space.

We look forward to any feedback you have and thank you for your continued support.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

New student home page personalisation released!

Over the coming couple of months we will be working very hard on the teacher and student experience on zondle.  Today we release the first of the new features for students.  Student home page personalisation.

Students can now quickly and easily select any colours they like for their home page and add background images.

In time we will be enabling purchase of these background images with the students’ zollars.

The following video explains how this new feature works.  Of course, we very much look forward to any feedback you may have.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New "create and manage classes" interface released!

Today we are pleased to release a few changes that should make it easier for you to create and manage your classes and students on zondle.

This video goes through the changes and introduces the new interface. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

New zondle gradebook released!

Today we are pleased to announce that we are releasing the new zondle gradebook (beta).  This much anticipated and requested feature is now available to all teachers on zondle.

Quickly view your teaching group and the topics you’ve set them to get an overview of how your students are doing.

You can now:

·        Search for a student
·        Sort on name, zollars, number of topic plays, latest topic score
·        See when you set the topic to the students
·        Copy the gradebook to your clipboard
·        Export the gradebook to csv, excel and PDF.
·        View progress for a student playing a topic
·        View progress overview for all students playing a topic
·        View progress overview for a student playing all your topics

Just roll over an item and and a simple tooltip will tell you what that item means in more detail.

The following video goes through the new gradebook in a little detail.

We hope this is useful and please do just let us know if you have any feedback.  Warmest thanks for your support!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Improvements to the teacher console released.

Over the last few weeks we have been busy thinking about ways we can make the teacher experience on zondle better.

Working closely with teachers to establish exactly what was needed we have made a number of changes to make life easier.

Today we release phase 1 of these changes.  Improving the teacher console.

Phase 2 will be the release of a totally new grade book system to make it much easier to see student progress, but we still have a little work to do on that.

Here is what the revised teacher console now looks like:

We hope you enjoy this new layout and look forward to hearing how you get on. :-)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

zondle Team Play Christmas Edition released!

How about bringing a little excitement to your classroom this year with the newly released zondle Team Play Christmas Edition?

To make things easy for you (we like to do that where we can) we have created a topic for you to use out of the box.

How much to your students know about Christmas in other cultures?  We certainly learned a few things writing this topic!

Of course if you join zondle for FREE you can create any topic you like to play in the zondle Team Play Christmas Edition.  It works like any other zondle Team Play game.  So you can just carry on teaching your students what they need to know, but with some Christmas fun attached. 

Oh, and I nearly forgot to say.  This is much more than just a quiz.  zondle Team Play has a solid foundation in neuroscience research.  So you can be sure that as well as being great fun, it is an effective teaching method. 

For more information about zondle Team Play please see our “guideto using 'zondle: Team Play'”.