Saturday, 6 April 2013

New zondle Mobile app released on Android

Yesterday we submitted the new version of the mobile app to the stores.  The app will be available on:

iOS for iPhone, iPads etc - in review with Apple
Android - live now here 
Kindle Fire HD - in review with Amazon

We are pleased to say that the new app is now available on Google Play here.

If you like it please help us by giving a good review.  Thank you so much for your support :)

This release, designed specifically for students of all ages, is a significant upgrade.  The new app includes a host of new features as follow:

- Improved stability 
- Improved and more responsive interface 
- Improved login and sign-up 
- Improved progress saving 
- New or improved menus: 
-- Topics my teacher has set me 
-- My favourite topics 
-- My friends' topics (new) 
-- Search for topics 
-- My zondle Extras 
-- zondle Extras (new) 
-- my folders 
-- my badges (new) 
-- leaderboard (new) 
-- my zollars (new) 
-- zondle Team Play remote 
-- support 
- New or improved question types: 
-- Q&A 
-- multiple choice 
-- True/False 
-- statements 
-- click the letters to spell the word 
-- click the missing word 
-- text or image multiple choice (new) 
-- sequencing (new) 
- New games 
-- Bee Bobble Basher 
-- Cow Cakes 
- Improved game start and end screens 
- View progress, at game end (new) 

Here are a few screen grabs for you:

We hope you and your students enjoy the new app and we look forward to your feedback.