Monday, 3 June 2013

Live multi-player zondle Team Play international session between the USA and Croatia!

Thanks to Doug Lapsley from zondle, student teams from the Croatian Primary School, Veliki Bukovec and Bay Trail Middle School (Penfield, New York USA) played their first over-the-ocean team play, competing in questions from history and mathematics. Along with zondle Team Play, we used Skype for videoconferencing, so students could see each other. With introductory slides we presented our schools and put them on world map, then started with serious questions from history, e.g., “At this sea battle, Octavian defeated the navy of Antony and Cleopatra,” and Math, e.g., “Which number is 10% bigger than 700?” The game was very close, and occasionally we relied on good luck with “wheel of fortune,” gaming for extra points. The Bay Trail Middle School teams collected more points and won this game. We ended the encounter by celebrating with songs and dance, additionally; the Bay Trail Team learned some Croatian language, including the phrases dobar dan “good evening” and bok “good bye.”

This was our first meeting and we arranged the return match in a week. It was really interesting watching student's reactions and to see so many similarities even with a whole ocean between them.

If you want to try our game – check out zondle Team Play here 

Contributed blog post by Lidija Kralj (Croatia).