Monday, 26 August 2013

using zondle Mobile with the 'connect to zondle' edmodo app

Update: Since writing this blog post we have added edmodo login functionality to the iOS app and it is awaiting approval from Apple.  Android and Kindle Fire HD will follow in the next week or two when we release the next major update to the zondle Mobile app.

In the mean time the following information is still valid.


If you are using "connect to zondle" in edmodo you can still use the zondle Mobile apps. This overview shows you how students can get the login details that they need to log in on zondle Mobile.


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  2. This app truly needs to support use by parents.I raise my nephew, and there are a couple of things he struggles with.I would love to utilize edmodo to supplement what we as of now do, \however sadly his school doesn't utilize it.It sounds like something that would help a lot however until they add parent/guardian accounts,it gets an one star from me.
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