Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Computer Science Week (9th – 15th December 2013)

At zondle we are very excited about Computer Science week. We exist because of computer science and coding and these skills allow us to help tens of thousands of children to learn each week.

To support Computer Science week we wanted to share three ideas that will help students learn to code, and create and share their work widely.

The Hour of Code App (from Codeacademy)
The Hour of Code iphone app is a quick course that covers the basics of coding and aims to give 10 million students their first experience of code.
Ben, our CEO, has downloaded the app and did his code this morning. This is what he said:

"I loved the hour of code app, the activities were great fun and I learned a lot about data types, variable, If and else ... statements. I am going to work on the Java Script session on the Code Academy website."

zondle’s Raspberry Pi Coding Kit
A few weeks ago Doug created our Raspberry Pi gameprogramming kit. The kit helps teachers to facilitate their students (aged 10-18) creating a zondle game in Python that can play real zondle Topics. In just a few weeks more than 1500 people have downloaded the kit and we look forward to seeing what games the students have come up with.

Internet Safety
As zondle is on the web, we wanted to make sure that all students who use the site are aware of the key elements of Internet safety and the dangers of the web. Working with two teachers from Croatia Mario Lohajner and Lidija Kralj we have translated and now host their award-winning (2012 European Safer Internet Campaign) Internet safety games. These are very popular with teachers around the world.
Watch out for some more Internet safety news from zondle in early 2014.

Enjoy Computer Science week and do tell us what you’ve been up to!