Friday, 21 June 2013

Zondle is going to ISTE!

Yet again Ben is busy packing his bags ready for the open road.  This time he will be at ISTE 2013in San Antonio this week coming.

We are very excited as this is a great chance to catch up with teachers and partners which is one of the things we enjoy most.

This year we are particularly excited because we have just released our new “Connect to zondle” app in the Edmodo app store and Ben will be doing a demo of the app on Tuesday at 12:30 on the Edmodo stand.  We are thrilled to be able to integrate more with Edmodo which has been a brilliant platform for us to communicate, network and support our teachers.

So if you are in the area, fancy meeting zondle’s front man and getting a taste of how zondle can now support you on Edmodo tweet @bartoneducation or come and see him at the EdMix stand.

Personal development presentation contributed by Mrs. Johnson now available on zondle

If you are looking to present zondle to other teachers in your school or district then look no further.  Mrs. Johnson (teacher) from the Edmodo community has very kindly created a presentation that you can use off the shelf.  We thought it was so good that we have now included it in the "resources for presentations" section of our support page.

This presentation takes you through the whole process of using zondle in a class environment.  Thank you Mrs. Johnson for this great resource!

Friday, 14 June 2013

“Connect to zondle” Edmodo App released!

Today we are delighted to announce the release of the new “connect to zondle” app in the Edmodo App Store.  This new, much requested, zondle Extra has been designed to make life easier for the growing number of teachers who come from the Edmodo platform (which we love by the way).

Now Edmodo teachers can quickly and easily get students on task without having to worry about setting up classes on zondle.  The app handles that for you.  Just install the app ($25 for unlimited users) to the Edmodo groups you wish to use it with and launch it.  Your Edmodo groups sync with the zondle app, creating zondle classes (groups) and adding your students to them.

Connect to zondle gives you access to the zondle platform, just as if you were visiting the website.  Create topics and set them to your students.  The experience is almost identical.

Your students just log into Edmodo, launch the “connect to zondle” app and play the topics you’ve set them in any of the zondle games.  Simple!

Currently the Edmodo App Store is available in the USA, but we are told that it will be expanded to other geographies in the near future.  In the meantime of course, those who can’t currently access the Edmodo App Store can still use the main zondle website at for free.

We hope this is helpful and look forward to any feedback.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

“zondle Code Breakers: Phonics (UK)” released for all iOS devices.

Today we are delighted to be releasing “zondle Code Breakers: Phonics (UK)” for all iOS devices.

Lots of fun practice building on the phonics your child learns at school.  Helping them to become a confident reader.


Click here to purchase “zondle Code Breakers: Phonics (UK)” from the Apple Store.

Click here for more information.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Live multi-player zondle Team Play international session between the USA and Croatia!

Thanks to Doug Lapsley from zondle, student teams from the Croatian Primary School, Veliki Bukovec and Bay Trail Middle School (Penfield, New York USA) played their first over-the-ocean team play, competing in questions from history and mathematics. Along with zondle Team Play, we used Skype for videoconferencing, so students could see each other. With introductory slides we presented our schools and put them on world map, then started with serious questions from history, e.g., “At this sea battle, Octavian defeated the navy of Antony and Cleopatra,” and Math, e.g., “Which number is 10% bigger than 700?” The game was very close, and occasionally we relied on good luck with “wheel of fortune,” gaming for extra points. The Bay Trail Middle School teams collected more points and won this game. We ended the encounter by celebrating with songs and dance, additionally; the Bay Trail Team learned some Croatian language, including the phrases dobar dan “good evening” and bok “good bye.”

This was our first meeting and we arranged the return match in a week. It was really interesting watching student's reactions and to see so many similarities even with a whole ocean between them.

If you want to try our game – check out zondle Team Play here 

Contributed blog post by Lidija Kralj (Croatia).