Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kind words from teachers

I always make it feel so worth it to hear when people have found that zondle is helping students improve grades around the world.  You may be aware of our thank you page where we show some of the many kind comments we get.

Here are a couple more we added today:

Frances Clark (USA):
"Just wanted to let you know that I presented best practices to a group of Business teachers today at our state teachers conference. I had a couple slides about Zondle and signed on to my account to show them how to use it. They LOVED it more than anything else I showed them during the session. Every one of them signed up for a Zondle account and most of them sent friend requests to me to share some of the topics that I already set up.

I will continue to spread the word - they have already invited me back next summer to present again. Thanks so much for providing such a great free resource to teachers!!"

Deborah Burns (USA):
"My co-worker and I presented a session on blended learning at the Career and Technical conference in North Carolina. One of the resources we presented was your website Zondle. Of all the resources we presented, yours was by far the most exciting for our teachers. Almost all of them created their own accounts while the session was going on. We have had multiple teachers talk to us since the session telling us how excited they are to start using this when they return to school. They were also very excited to learn about the capability of sharing among teachers.

Thank you so much for creating this awesome site for teachers and our students."

Saturday, 20 July 2013

zondle is now 93% translated into Polish

Wow, our community never ceases to humble us with its generosity.  Today I had a note from Adrian in Poland who has very kindly just got the Polish translation of the zondle site up to 93%!  That’s all the essential parts of zondle and many of the less essential parts.

A big thank you from team zondle!

New zondle community “Thank you” page released!

We are very lucky at zondle to have such a wonderful community of teachers and other friends around the world.

In recognition of all the hard work and dedication from our community we have just released a page on zondle to say thank you.

Email us if you'd like to get more involved in zondle.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Thank You!

When you are a small company, you rely heavily on the ‘kindness of friends and strangers’ to help the business to grown and develop.
In May, zondle began an Indiegogo campaign to help us to build content that will support the United States Common Core State Standards in Math and English Language Arts.
We were overwhelmed with the response we got from friends, family and users of zondle from around the world.
The content is now being written and we will be launching our first Common Core packs in August of 2013.
Below are the list of just some of the people who have helped make zondle Common Core a reality.
Thank you!

Andy Ragatz
Brenda Osbourne
Callum Robb
Callum Vickerstaff
Ceri Williams
Chris Cox
Christina Toulios
Conall Platts
Connie Pritchard
David Hagelthorn
Denise Weinke
Dr Nisih Freeman
Flo Brain
Grace Yoxon
Graham Bird
Iain Shield
Jackie Veitch
Jenny Stafford
John Giotto
Karen Rudloff
Lindsay Barker
Mark Hirst
Mark Shorb
Monsieur Herbaux
Steve Taylor
Sue Rob
Sue Stapely

Monday, 15 July 2013

See what platforms a zondle question will be visible on!

Today we added a tiny zondle feature that will be very helpful when creating topics.  It is a very simple display in the question entry interface that shows what devices a particular question type is compatible with.

Two icons now appear to the left of the question entry to show this.  

All question types show the desktop/laptop computer icon as all question types will show on these devices.  

The second icon, showing mobile devices, will grey out when a question type is not supported on the zondle mobile apps.

We hope this will be helpful and look forward to hearing how you get on :)

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Essential Maltese translation of the zondle website complete!

Today we would like to say a VERY big thank you to Carmen Degabriele in Malta for her very kind help in translating zondle into Maltese.

As you may know we are very keen to be as inclusive as possible at zondle.  It is through the generous and kind work of people such as Carmen that we are able to do this.