Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Support for video question references submitted to the mobile app stores.

We have just finished the coding for supporting video question references on zondle Mobile.  It has been submitted to Apple, Google Play and Amazon.  Google Play will make it live in the next few hours.  The others will take a week or two to get approved.

Update 19.12.2013: The app has now been approved by all stores and should be available for download :)

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Video is now supported in zondle Team Play

A long awaited feature is the ability to use video in a zondle Team Play session.  Now this is possible thanks to our friends at SchoolTube.

Here is how that works.

Video question references now supported on zondle!

We are very pleased to say that we have finally managed to support video question references on zondle.  With big thanks to our friends at SchoolTube who have made this possible.

Simply locate or upload a video you wish to use on SchoolTube and copy and paste the embed code into zondle.  Your video will display in the same way as text, image or audio question references within the game.

We will be coding the Mobile version of this and support in zondle Team Play over the next couple of days, so watch this space!

The following video shows how it works!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Improved zondle Team Play Remote device management released!

Today we are pleased to say that we have made some improvements (hopefully) to zondle Team Play that enable you to re-allocate devices if they drop off during a zondle Team Play session.  Hopefully this will make life easier when managing zondle Team Play sessions in your classrooms.

We also added an indicator so that you can see when students have chosen not to game their choices.

This video explains how these things work.  Please note that you may need to clear your cache to see this update.

Text, image and audio question references now supported directly on student devices in zondle Team Play remote.

Today we’re pleased to say that we bring support for question references to the zondle Team Play remote BYOD system.  This means that any question references you add to your zondle Team Play topic will display on the student consoles as well as on the whiteboard / projector screen.

All three of the question reference types are supported in this way.  Here is how it works:

Audio question references now supported in zondle Team Play!

For some time now we’ve had audio question references in zondle games, but they’ve not been supported in zondle Team Play.  Today we added this feature.

This short video shows how that works.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New feature: Sharing zondle Team Play with a link or embedding it in your website / VLE

Today we’re releasing a new feature so that you can quickly and easily share your topics in zondle Team Play by either:
  1.  using a link that can easily be shared on twitter, facebook, edmodo etc
  2. embedding zondle Team Play into your website or VLE.
This video shows how this works.

Computer Science Week (9th – 15th December 2013)

At zondle we are very excited about Computer Science week. We exist because of computer science and coding and these skills allow us to help tens of thousands of children to learn each week.

To support Computer Science week we wanted to share three ideas that will help students learn to code, and create and share their work widely.

The Hour of Code App (from Codeacademy)
The Hour of Code iphone app is a quick course that covers the basics of coding and aims to give 10 million students their first experience of code.
Ben, our CEO, has downloaded the app and did his code this morning. This is what he said:

"I loved the hour of code app, the activities were great fun and I learned a lot about data types, variable, If and else ... statements. I am going to work on the Java Script session on the Code Academy website."

zondle’s Raspberry Pi Coding Kit
A few weeks ago Doug created our Raspberry Pi gameprogramming kit. The kit helps teachers to facilitate their students (aged 10-18) creating a zondle game in Python that can play real zondle Topics. In just a few weeks more than 1500 people have downloaded the kit and we look forward to seeing what games the students have come up with.

Internet Safety
As zondle is on the web, we wanted to make sure that all students who use the site are aware of the key elements of Internet safety and the dangers of the web. Working with two teachers from Croatia Mario Lohajner and Lidija Kralj we have translated and now host their award-winning (2012 European Safer Internet Campaign) Internet safety games. These are very popular with teachers around the world.
Watch out for some more Internet safety news from zondle in early 2014.

Enjoy Computer Science week and do tell us what you’ve been up to! 

Monday, 9 December 2013

New feature. Student data displayed in your time zone.

We’re always trying to improve the way that we display student data to you as a teacher to make your day easier.  Today we added the long awaited time zone feature which enables you to set your time zone so that student data displays in your local date and time.

The following video shows how this applies to the new features in the gradebook, but it applies to all areas of zondle. 

We hope this helps and thank you for your support.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

New feature: Monitoring student activity

Today we’re pleased to say that we added the ability for teachers to monitor their students’ activity.  You can now see exactly when students logged in, played games, created topics and redeemed Teacher Goodies in a quick and easy to use graphical interface.

This video explains how it works.

We look forward to hearing how you get on :)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Half a million zondle users - thank you!

501,084 registered users.

200,000 new registered users and 30 million questions answered over the past 4 months.

1,360,080 questions created by teachers and students.

1 million games played and 13 million questions answered in November alone.

To all the teacher advocates who have shared zondle with their students, colleagues and administrators...

To everyone who has spoken at events on zondle’s behalf, or tweeted and blogged about the site, or embedded zondle games into their school websites...

To everyone who has created questions, or uploaded PDFs, images or audio...

To all the students who have played and practised questions in zondle games...

A huge thank you!

Ben, Doug and Wayne

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Setting folders of resources to students on zondle Mobile. The student experience.

We have just updated the zondle Mobile app with the ability to view folders of resources set to students by teachers.  It has been submitted to the app stores and should be available within a few hours on Android and within a week or two on iOS and Kindle Fire HD.

The following video shows what the students see when they go to view a folder of resources that you’ve set them.