Thursday, 27 March 2014

New feature: Removing redeemed Teacher Goodies

This simple new feature suggested by Mrs Roberts enables you to clean up your Teacher Goodies by just deleting them.  This video shows how it works.

Improved drag and drop in Advanced Class Management and My Folders

We're always trying to improve zondle and today it was the turn of the drag and drop interface in the "Advanced Class Management" and "My Folders" areas.  This video just shows the enhancements we've made.  Hopefully this will make things easier and we look forward to your feedback.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

New Feature: Topic filtering in the gradebook

We are always trying to find ways to make your life easier as a teacher and one of the things we have been asked for a number of times is the ability to filter the gradebook by topic.  Today we have added this feature.  We hope this is useful J

New feature: Resetting passwords for an entire class

Today we released a new feature that enables you to reset passwords for an entire class on zondle.  This video shows you how this works.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

New feature. Support filter to make it quick and easy to find support tutorials.

We’re very aware that teachers are using zondle in a live class environment where things move quickly and there is little time.  Even the slightest delay can stop the class in its tracks and prevent learning from taking place.

For this reason we have always been very keen to not only optimise the web experience itself so that the site works quickly and without fuss, but also to offer an excellent level of support so that if you do come unstuck you know that you can always have a problem resolved very quickly.  We believe this is critical to the success of any classroom tech and we pride ourselves in this area.

We’re at hand on email and in the forum, but the fastest way to get support is to find the support tutorial yourself, at the moment you need it.  So today we’ve released a very simple filter feature in our support section so that you can get to the support items you need within a few seconds and get your students back on task.

This video shows how that works.